What a crazy world. And what to do to stay healthy.

Okay so here we are. It was March 14 and I had just bought a new used 2018 Hyundai Tucson. My beloved Jeep Grand Cherokee had just trashed its transmission. $3400 to fix so traded it in. I was really looking forward to making some camping trips, visits to my dad and seeing my not yet born granddaughter. Little did I know that four days later the Covid-19 virus would change our lives. New Mexico went on lock down and now a mere 75 days later, my new car has 418 miles on it and I have just put in its first tank of gas. This whole crazy 75 days has been very interesting. Everything that was normal is now a dream. The fear of doing anything is real as I have three strikes against me. I am 63, have asthma and diabetes. So lock down is a real thing for me. I did work as a grocery delivery man for part of the time. But as the pandemic got worse, I decided that caution was the better part of valor, so I stopped doing that. But trying to decide what to do about safeguarding my health was my first priority.

I have read many medical briefs. I have scanned the knowledge bases and have tried to figure out how I should position myself. So I decided to enhance my immune system, do what I can from a exercise perspective and make sure I stay on lock down. But what I didn’t consider was the mental health that I would receive by just hanging out with my wife and kids. This benefit is what I believe was and is the true enhancement to my health. Who knew that the perfect immune system enhancement was happiness? The peace that comes from playing family games and working together on projects was a the perfect boost to my health. And that hanging out with my dogs created the joy that you don’t really see until you slow down. What I have learned is slowing down, creating an environment that makes you happy and that is truly relaxing can do more for health than any drugs or supplements. Maybe we need to learn this lesson and carry it forward. This is a reset that we cannot afford to ignore.

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